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Used Equipment

By using 'components' these products charge different prices based on what options are selected.
Price will Reflect on Condition also.
All products in the Used Catogory will come with a 3 Months Warrenty.

Digital SLR Cameras & Lenses & Accessories

The computer in this section has a range of optional extras, some of which are set up as 'hidden products' in the store. Also, if you click the 'More Info' link, you will open a new page with further details.

Digital Compact /Bridge Cameras

The latest in digital camera technology.

Digital Photo Frames

This section contains a product with some simple size/colour options. These are set up with 'attributes' and 'choices'. Also a product that includes a prompt for customer input.

The 'Price Layout' for the whole section has been set as 'Standard Tax Inclusive Price' in the 'Layout' tab.



In House Services